Manage the effectiveness of formulas, Inventories, by-products and yield.

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Microsoft Dynamics AX, an end-to-end business management solution, can help chemical manufacturers address these challenges and gain a competitive edge. Easily adapting to the requirements of complex production operations, leveraging existing investments in Microsoft technology, and scaling easily as your business grows.

With Microsoft Dynamics AX is a quality management application for high quality products, data processing products, by-products, co-products, intermediates and performance, helping to improve manufacturing agility, reduce costs and constantly produce The highest quality products

Benefits Microsoft Dynamics AX Provides to the Chemical Industry

    Operational management of complex environments

    Tracking and management of specific material characteristics: power, maturity, batch control, production planning, quality control and inventory management.

    Automate and optimize processes

    Eliminate manual data entry, monitor processes with personalized alerts and manage information security with ease.

    Training of personnel in access roles

    Provide employees with specific data and processes they need. Increase supply chain visibility and collaboration.

    Make decisions with more confidence

    Integrated access, real-time data in inventory, yields, production schedules, capacity charges and costs for accurate pricing.

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Grupo Staff ERP solution for companies in the chemical sector, will help you manage all your business processes, being 100% adaptable to the variables and manufacturing requirements of complex chemicals.

Microsoft Dynamics AX

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